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  • What is birth photography?
    Your baby's birth is one of the most special times in your life. Not only is your baby coming into the world, you are experiencing your own transformation- whether you are a first time mom or this is your fifth child. Each birth story is different. As a birth photographer, I capture your unique labor and delivery story. Whether you are at home, at a birth center, or at the hospital, I am here to document your strength and your journey. As a birth photographer, I know that adrenaline, excitement, and medication cloud your memories. Having photos helps you also revisit and see your birth from a new perspective. After all, this is such an important moment and deserves to be celebrated!
  • What is it like to work with you as a birth photographer?
    I'm here in a documentary capacity to tell your story so that you and your partner can focus on bringing your little one into the world. Because of the unique nature of being an on call birth photographer and how closely I work with clients, I only take on a handful of births a year. This ensures that we get to know each other well ahead of your birth and that I am available when you do go into labor. My style is very unobtrusive and quietly helpful. If you are having a home birth with a midwife, you will frequently find me refreshing towels in between documenting your birth story. When it comes to the actual delivery of your child, my goal is for you to forget that I am there while I capture those first moments you have together. You can expect a full story of your labor and delivery when you get your images. Working in a photojournalistic capacity, I document you, your environment, and your support team. I aim to tell your story from an outside perspective. You laboring. Your partner and you taking a quiet moment together. Your older child eating a snack in the kitchen. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is made, we meet to discuss your birth preferences. Ideally, if you are having a home birth, I join you at one of your midwife or OB appointments to get to know other members of your support team. I am on call from 38 weeks through the birth of your baby 24/7. I usually ask that you call me once the first signs of labor have arrived and then I show up when you start having regular contractions. After the birth of your baby, I stay for 1-2 hours afterwards to capture those first moments together.
  • Do you offer maternity or Fresh 48 sessions?
    Yes, if you book me for your birth, you can absolutely add on maternity sessions, Fresh 48, and even a year in the life sessions. If you are not booking me for your birth, I take on a very limited amount of maternity and Fresh 48 sessions pending availability.
  • My partner is hesitant to have another person in the room. And maybe I am too?
    That's a totally normal conversation to have! I suggest taking a look at the gallery or other images of birth photography to see why having these pictures might be of value to you. I've never had a client who regretted having a birth photographer present. However, I have met many people who have told me they wished that they had a photographer present at their birth. Birth is something you won't experience often in your life, so you deserve to have your birth story documented.
  • How graphic are the photos?
    When we meet to discuss your birth preferences, we will also discuss what sort of photos you want and which specific images you are hoping to get. I always want to work within your comfort level.
  • Why can't my partner/BFF/mother take photos?
    Well, they CAN, but isn't it so much better when they can be 100% present and focused on you. After all, you are having them present for a reason, and I bet it's not to witness your birth through a lens. Additionally, I have experience, professional equipment, and can work in a variety of lighting conditions. So while you and your partner share these precious moments together, meaning they can 100% support you through every contraction and through the delivery, I document not only your baby coming into this world, but also the relationship between you and your partner.
  • How many images can I expect?
    This truly depends, but on average, you can expect 100-200 photos.
  • What happens if you can't make it to the birth?
    I deliberately only schedule a handful of births a year to ensure that even if your baby comes early, I will be available. That said, in the unlikely event that an emergency arises, I have a very experience backup birth photographer on call.
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