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The messy. The beautiful. The raw.

The 100% organic moments.

You are so incredibly strong and utterly powerful.

Whether this is your first birth or your fifth, your experience is transformative and deserves to be documented with love. And it probably won't go to plan, but that's ok. Because your story is your story.

It is an incredible honor to be invited into the birthing space. While you focus on bringing your baby into this world, I quietly capture all the moments as they unfold. Your support, your labor, your first moments together. Your birth experience matters.

I welcome and support ALL types of families and birth stories. This is a LGBTQ friendly and Transgender Safe Space.

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Hi, I'm Molly

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Birth Photography. Uncensored. ​

The censorship of birth has disconnected us from our own strength. Through visceral, honest imagery, I help people take ownership of their birth stories and witness their own power.


I became minorly (majorly) obsessed with birth a few years ago during my own pregnancy journey. It started with asking my friends about their births to reading empowering and heart-breaking birth stories to listening to podcasts featuring a diverse range of pregnancy and birth stories.

I was already an award-winning elopement photographer, but something was missing. And that's when I started working as a birth photographer. My life and career were forever changed.

Birth is completely unpredictable. And that's where having a calm presence is essential in the room. Someone who knows that what you are experiencing is completely normal. Someone who will help as needed while giving you space and time while you and your baby work hard to bring them into the world. I believe that the human body is beautiful and birth is an absolutely magical experience. 

Humans have been giving birth forever. It's natural. But you weren't meant to do it alone. With every birth I photograph, my goal is to tell your story so that you can look back and see how f*cking strong, powerful, and beautiful you are. 

Because you just grew and birthed a child. That's pretty wild, right?

Your memories but also so much more.

Your experience. My eyes. 

Your birth photos represent so much more than just a moment in time. As a photographer, I am best suited for the people who believe that the human body is beautiful even when it is messy, raw, and unfiltered. I'm for people that want to see their own strength in imagery. I'm for the body-positive, sex-positive, humans. 

I'm for the people who know that they have options and for those that believe their birth experience is an important part of their life's journey.


You know you want this transformative experience documented. You may not 100% know why (and maybe you have some people in your life who don't understand either...) and that's ok.

But something keeps drawing you in. You know that your birth is more than just a moment in time. You know that looking back on your birth story is going to be healing, important, and necessary to understanding a part of who you are and where you are going.

Birth Photography Package


  • Pre-birth meetings

  • On call from 38 weeks up until your birth

  • Documenting active labor through 1-2 hours after birth

  • 100+ fully edited, high resolution images

Available Add-Ons

  • Pre-birth photoshoot (such as a maternity or family photoshoot)

  • Fresh 48 sessions (siblings meeting, family visits, or simply your first moments together)

  • Year in the Life (documenting your family's relationship during your baby's first year)

Lacey Birth_edited.jpg
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